Yoko Kitazawa

Ms. Yoko Kitazawa

Academic Career: Graduated on March 1955 from the Faculty of Economics

                  National University of Yokohama

                  1982-83 Lecturer at the faculty of Law of St.Paul University

                  1985-86 Lecturer at the Nagasaki University

                  1986-87 Lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of the Shinshuu University

                  1988-92 Lecturer at the Faculty of Commerce of Chuo University

                  1979-95 Lecturer at the Japan Journalist Academy

                  2001-03 President of Peace Studies Association of Japan

Professional Career: 1955-59 Researcher at the Japan-China Export & Import Association

                  1959-69 Head of Women's Section of the Permanent Secretariat of the Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organization ( AAPSO )

                  1977-85 Member of the Advisory Group on Economic Matters of CCPD of the World Council of Churches

                  1973 Founded and President of Pacific Asia Resource Center & Editorial Board of AMPO

                  1974 Testified at the United Nations General Assembly on Japan's Economic Relations with South Africa

                  1990 Founded & President of People to People Aid

                  1995 NGO member of the Japanese Government Delegation to the UN World Summit for Social Development

                  1993 Coordinator of Japan Bretton Woods Coalition   

                  1993-98 Chair of the Board of El Taller

                  1998-00 Co-chair of Jubilee 2000 Coalition Japan

                  2001- Co-Chair of Japan Network on Debt & Poverty Free-Lance Journalist and Writer

Books:           “From Tokyo to Johannesburg” issued at National Council of   

                 Churches, USA  New York 1974

                 Co-edition “ Allies in Apartheid”  Macmillan London 1988

                           “ Conflict over Natural Resources in South –East Asia

                           and the Pacific”  Oxford University London  1990