A conference by The World Economics Association (WAE) and IDEAs

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Feminist Economics: Contributions and Challenges

A conference by The World Economics Association (WAE) and IDEAs, 20th April to 20th May, 2022.


This World Economics Association (WEA) - International Development Economic Associates (IDEAs) Conference, led by the Professors Alicia Puyana and Maria Alejandra Madi, calls for a pluralist reflection about current knowledge in Feminist Economics in terms of theories, empirical research and policies. This Conference aims to discuss new contributions to Feminist Economics while bridging the gap between different theoretical approaches, the practical applications of economic theories and the policy-making process.

This conference will also be supported by IDEAs. WEA and IDEAs share mutual goals and interests, such as opening spaces for inclusive economics and the advancement of social justice and equality, and recognise the importance of collaboration for enhancing the impact and the reach of their work.

Therefore, we invite you to submit a short paper (up to 2000 words plus references) in order to facilitate further dialogue about Feminist Economics more widely.

The papers should be submitted to feministeconomics2022@gmail.com

After this WEA- IDEAs Online Conference, the short papers could be expanded to be published in a book.

Closing date for submissions : 10th April, 2022

Discussion Forum opens : 20th April, 2022

Discussion Forum closes : 20th May, 2022

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Participation e-certificates

If you would like to receive a conference participation e-certificate, you will be able to pay $10 and register. Different e-certificates will be issued depending on your participation as authors or commentators in the Discussion Forum.


Contact the conference leaders at any time feministeconomics2022@gmail.com

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