Hydrogen production for fuel

Lun, 02/15/2021 - 23:16 -- cdeleon

Hydrogen is considered a renewable energy source option and the route to follow in the change of the energy matrix to replace gas at industrial level and to be used in fuel cells for transport vehicles and to generate other fuels. Hydrogen production for energy purposes is classified into 5 colours, 4 by origin and one by treatment. There is grey, brown, black, green and blue hydrogen.

Using hydrogen as a key energy carrier will require a huge increase in production volume and a new and complex infrastructure to supply it to users. Countries with wind, solar and hydropower infrastructure will have a competitive advantage in green hydrogen production.

Green hydrogen is the best fuel option we have towards environmental recovery and several projects have been implemented in the Latin American and Caribbean region to produce sustainable energy with the intention of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

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