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What (didn’t) happen at COP26

Lun, 12/06/2021 - 21:03 -- anegrete

The last COP26, held in Glasgow, Scotland, sought to establish agreements that would define commitments to reduce greenhouse gases, and thus face climate deterioration. With not very sharp proposals and almost no action plans.

According to the latest Report on Climate Change, published by the IPCC, it is necessary to maintain the temperature increase limit at 1.5 ° C to avoid the irreversible loss of biodiversity. However, the little cooperation of the countries that pollute the most and the promises without plans of action keep the global climate issue adrift.

The countries that contribute the most to the climate crisis, through the relocation of oil production and exports, are precisely those that refuse to commit to lowering their emissions and paying for damages; which leaves countries affected by climate change in an even more vulnerable position and without the possibility of mitigating its effects.

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