Lab-grown meat, insects and plants: WEF's solution to global food shortages

Dom, 02/12/2023 - 16:47 -- lgarcia

With the growing number of human beings on the planet having surpassed eight billion, the World Economic Forum stressed that "we urgently need sustainable technologies and methods to improve our current food systems and land use for agriculture".

The organization warned that we have reached the limits of our "planetary boundaries" and that the heart of the problem lies in our "dietary preferences for livestock-based foods." Biotechnology, plant-based and insect-based nutrient feeds may be the solution.

The WEF praised the FDA's decision for "paving the way for a new environmentally friendly diet." In contrast, the organization criticized the European Union (EU) approach for being too cautious. The EU limits the amount of genetically modified foods that can be imported and grown in the EU bloc.

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