natural gas

The gas market in South America

Jue, 02/11/2021 - 19:03 -- cdeleon

The international natural gas market has seen changes in the last quarter of 2020: an increase in supply by the French company TOTAL in Mozambique; a slight recovery in the international price; and changes in South American contracts for export destinations. 
In Latin America, the main supplier of gas in its gaseous form is Bolivia, and the two major suppliers in its liquefied form are Trinidad and Tobago. Bolivia has had contracts with Argentina and Brazil since the 1970s. With Argentina it was revised in 2021. Trinidad and Tobago has an outward-oriented oil industry and exports to the US, Spain, the Dominican Republic and China. Peru is making efforts to stop exporting to Mexico.

Latin American countries will continue with natural gas production because of its importance in electricity generation, international trade and tax revenues.

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