Make live or let die: challenges of social protection policies

Vie, 03/17/2023 - 19:43 -- bacosta

This article analyses the situation and challenges of non-contributory social protection systems as income guarantee instruments in Latin America. Although a wide variety of techniques differ in their intensity of coverage and the level of income they cover, their positive impact is demonstrated. Yet, they still need to achieve the minimum objective of eradicating extreme poverty.

Another decade of Mexican economic stagnation

Vie, 06/17/2022 - 18:07 -- bacosta

Mexico is a mixed economy: its GDP ranks among the 20 largest countries in the world, some industrial branches have a global presence, and its workforce is internationally competitive; however, its performance in recent decades has been negligible to the point that, after the fall of 2020, it was one of the Latin American countries with the slowest economic recovery. What is the reality facing the Mexican economy?

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