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Covid-19 in the world economy: momentum and retreat

Jue, 07/02/2020 - 19:40 -- anegrete

The growth forecasts for the world economy at the beginning of the year were optimistic. At the end of June, world production is projected to be -4.9% (IMF) -5.2% (World Bank) and -6% (OECD). According to the president of the World Bank, Malpass, the year 2020 is the worst in terms of growth since the crisis of 1929 and possibly since the long depression of 1872.

The impact on growth dynamics has been global. However, the experience of the pandemic in emerging economies is far from that of advanced economies. The question is why Governments with greater fiscal and monetary capacity to implement counter-cyclical policies have similar growth outcomes.

The challenges are to generate an economic renaissance that promotes employment, sustainable agriculture, shortening global value chains, increasing the use of renewable energy and discovering a vaccine and treatment that are universal and free.

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