environmental crisis

The environment and the covid 19 pandemic

Mié, 11/25/2020 - 12:01 -- cdeleon

he speed and effects of climate change create a crisis even more severe than the pandemic. The current trajectory of development has jeopardized the balance of the ecological system that supports it.

Due to the growing influence of humans on nature, biogeochemical cycles have been drastically altered and biodiversity has been reduced at a threatening rate. Causes include rising global temperatures. The Latin American and Caribbean region is mainly affected by climate change.

As a result of the pandemic, industrial activities, the number of flights and mass events have been reduced, resulting in positive but temporary impacts on the environment; however, there have also been other negative impacts such as the increased use of single-use plastics and the expansion of household and hospital waste.

The pandemic brings to the table the complex interaction between the systems of planet Earth and the current structure of social, economic and environmental policies.

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