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China's recovery from the pandemic

Mié, 10/14/2020 - 12:24 -- anegrete

The outbreak of COVID-19 began in China in late December 2019, with quarantine and confinement beginning in January. The health regulations stopped many global value chains, mainly those of pharmaceuticals, automobiles, aeronautics, electronics and telecommunications.

Faced with the problem, the Chinese government immediately implemented policies to prevent the economy from collapsing. What happened to the economy during the pandemic? Has it recovered?

Economic policy actions have mitigated the downturn and boosted the recovery of the Chinese economy. This makes it the only country in the world with a reliable "V" shape recovery, with real quarterly growth annualized in 2020.

Covid-19: the beginning of the domino effect

Lun, 04/13/2020 - 12:52 -- anegrete

The effects of COVID-19 on the real economy are beginning to materialize around the world. Since the second half of March, the first symptoms of the deterioration of confidence and uncertainty in the economy appeared when the stock market indices of the main countries fell to a minimum during the year.
The situation that will inevitably be seen for most countries in the world will be: falling output, unemployment despite the efforts of economic authorities. This time with a generalized impact for all countries, sectors and with a direct risk for the human being.
The domino effect has already started and now the situation that occurred in February in China is present in the rest of the economies in March. The effect, scope and horizon of normalisation of all activity seem to be far away and are uncertain.

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